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In Summer 2005 I found near to my house in Vollmersbach at an excavation for a building-construction several spectacular agate-nodules in a wheathered yellow coloured andesite. The formation of theses agates has to be seen in a line with those from the Finkenberg and the Steinkaulenberg . The pattern looks very similar, but some distinctive differences show up too.

A lot of these agates are showing a strong “shadow-effect”. In Germany this effect is called “Wegeler”.

Singular standing, strong colour-contrasting and very dominating spherulitics are another important part of the pattern. They cause booth fortification-agates and eye-agates.

Not all nodules are completely filled with chalcedony. Some are filled up to 90% with indifferent, macroscopically non structured silikates, only a small rest is banded agate. They are called “Betoneier” (“Concrete-eggs”). Similar formations are well known from the Setz Quarry.

Besides fine agate-nodules I could found a very fine deeply violet coloured amethyste-geode in a size of nearly 15 centimeter in diameter.




More Informations about this topic are given in the article “Schatzjagd im Hinterhof: Achat-Neufunde auf Wäschertskaulen, Idar-Oberstein” .  Only in German!