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In the 1980ies the “Setz-Quarry” at the Kloppberg-Mountain between Kastel and Nonnweiler offered fine findings of vein-agate. Several characteristics are distinctive for agates from this meanwhile “classic” location:

- the shape of the vein-agates oblong stretched, very rarely branches out or brekkziated developed (in the opposite to Steinbach).

- we find temporally different successions of agate formations beginning from the Salband.

Brownish ferric oxides and Chalcedony formations (reminding “brokat”-like pattern) are a further characteristic. Into the space in between of these formation smaller agate systems are developed.

- sulfides are only in few places (Markasite). They were formed similarly as the Chalcedony from a colloid.

- Porcelain-agates were to be found in the upper ranges of the quarry.

- only a few specimen of amethyste and morion (black smoky quartz) could have been found.