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The exact discovery site within of Bulgaria from this very attractive material is unfortunately not yet known. For mercantilistic reasons also in the year 2009 this is persistent denied. This is naturally from scientifically side regards a dishonor. The material finds its market, nevertheless in particular, since it is singular from structure and coloredness. Into green colored, mossy-agate-similarly developed matrix , frequently weakly, only rarely finelined agates in yellow, orange and red, also white tones in the contrast are embedded to a bluish gray. Stones, which are showing in its pattern “plumes” (bush to tree-like formations of iron pigments ) are very in demand.

* The name Orpheus agate may be connected with a greek tale (today's Bulgaria was at that time a part of Greece) In ancient Greece, the power of agate was considered so strong that Orpheus is depicted as carrying agate on his descent into Hades. Agate was thought to assist in finding hidden treasures, increase happiness, build confidence and bring victory.

More information about bulgarian agate-localities are given by Evgeni Vulev on his website.