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Morrisonite belongs to the most beautiful and most in demand jaspers of the entire USA. It is characterised by structur and varied colors.By Americansthis rock is counted due to its characteristics to the “Imperial Jaspers “. The characteristic patterns of the stones are produced  - beside the coloredness - by soft or abrupt transitions, strongly contrasting or harmonious surface effects, healed cracks and by the so-called “eggshell pattern” .

The places of discovery of the Morrisonite are at of the eastern end of a canyon of the Owyhee River near to the Owyhee lake near to Homedale in the proximity to the border to Idaho.

Several Claims offer most different variants. Specimen are remarkable from the Christie Marie Claim, which are showing beautiful precise  “eggshell patterns”, as well as pieces of the Jake´s Place Claim, which  are offering a multiplicity of tectonic events in its exciting chaotic pictures.

more detailed information about all the claims, their history and the mining operations are given by the gemshop.

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