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Agates from the Middlefield Farm are very different to all other agates that can be found in the region of Fife. They are showing “Onyx -Agate formations” (“Water-Level-Agate”). This type of agate formation does not occur in other parts of the region of Fife.

Their waterworn skin and rounded shape is the evidence for a transportation of this agate-material. Middlefield Farm is situated in an area of “Old -Red-Sandstone” and can not be the place of origin for these agates.

The colours and the contrast of these agates are very intensively but their size is small (up to 4 cm).

More informations about scottish agates are given in Dr.H.G. Macpherson´s book “agates” (published by the British Museum (Natural History) and the National Museums of Scotland).

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