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Ilgesheim is one of the destroyed villages on the artillery range near the township of Baumholder. Sometimes the employees of the range do have a possibility to search a little for agates ( while searching for not exploded ammunition and so one... ). Time is very short to pick up rocks - thats the reason, why agates from the range area are so extremly rare.

Agates from Ilgesheim are having an exterior structurated by waves and buckles. The nodules are mostly flatened and are reaching sizes up to 12 cm in diameter. They are showing a fine banded pattern in different colour shades. Most agate nodules shown here are findings from the Glassenberg, north of Ilgesheim. Another very interesting finding-site near to Ilgesheim is the Weiselstein Mountain.

It is absolutely forbidden to collect any minerals at this place, because this location is a part of the artillery range area. Militarypolice is controling even this abandoned area regulary.