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One of the most important classical places for agate on the artillery range area probably is the “Englishman-adit”. If Johann Jakob Färber is writing 1776 about the “Agatbruch at Uzenbach…” he probably concerns this occurrence. Unfortunately the classic locality above and north of Uzenbach was already leveled in the 1970ies by the federal forest for planting douglas firs.

In the northern peripheral location one can recognize however still the original exploiting attempts of our ancestors. In the wall proper layers of agate enrichments are unfortunately to a large extent strongly weathered. In a place within the western range of the quarry in the last years  unwheathered agate nodules could be found. These are reaching usually sizes up to 60 mm, but they are however usually crack-free. The content of agate-bearing nodules compared with carbonate-filled is about four to one hundred. The often circular nodules must be cut however similarly as nodules from Rimsberg in the upper third and not in half, because the lower part of the nodules is generally carbonatic. The predominating colours are grey, white and jet black. Red and blue are very rare. The pattern of the agates is determined often also by the carbonatic part. With a happy cut between agate and carbonate one receives patterns which remind of gardens. Membrantrümmer-Agates can be found here too.

It is absolutely forbidden to collect any minerals at this place, because this location is a part of the artillery range area. Militarypolice is controling even this abandoned area regulary.