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“... This claim is privately owned by a friend of mine and digging is allowed only by permission of the owner. This is one of the “summit” claims, and due to the high elevation, the digging season is limited. The specimens from this claim are highly variable as to matrix composition and color as well as the fillings contained within. Some of the eggs resemble the famous Priday bed specimens, and even the owner of the Priday diggings was fooled once when asked to identify an H2L thunderegg.

         This deposit, like many in the Ochocos, appears to be in a slide area, where thundereggs have moved from their various in situ locations and have collected in the topsoil. This would explain the diversity in the specimens from this location. The agate in these eggs can range from white to blue-grey, with waterline and fortification type banding. Moss and tube inclusions are also present. The pictures included of these eggs are typical of the “Priday” type eggs. There are also small opal filled thunderggs from this claim, some of which contain precious opal...”

extract of the article from Mark Ketsdever, Hillsboro, Oregon, 2007 :”Thunderegg Agates of the Ochoco Mountains, Oregon, USA”