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Beautiful agates from Gyöngöstarjan inspire the agate collectors since 2005. This year, the discovery of agate-rich layers in the Mátra was done by  Tividar Pesci. In addition to beautifully structured and colorful mossy-like agates, occasionally classic agate, sometimes with pseudomorphic formations after needle crystals inside can be found.

"...History of my first collecting trip to Gyöngöstarjan July 2005th. Interestingly, there was no excitement in me on the first way.I don't really interested in all the way, because I didn't want to collect minerals. I always said, that rather I going to the minerals exhibition and there I can buy nice minerals, as I could never find it.This really was a trip and we chose this place with my girlfriend, because we knew that can be found minerals here. Although the collection there has not excited me.

And underway happened that an unforgettable, wonderful thing. We were still in the village, we went near the church when I saw a small red jasper by the roadside. I almost fainted, as if lightning had struck me. I looked only the ground from the moment, and I couldn't wait to reach the place where can be collecting minerals.We arrived soon to the spoil where was a lot of jaspers and agates. I gathered up them like a crazy. We collected so much agates that we couldn't bring home. We traveled by train, because of this I sent it with the post to myself.And in my home I washed, cleaned, looked at them in rapturously.

Then came the idea that sould I need to cut and polish them.I was there many times over the years and I found to the places where can find really amazing agates. Of course later I saw that the first agates is not so pretty and nice stones. But the first stones is very important from me, and I take care these as the most beautiful specimens..."

Tividar Pésci is given more informations about ungarian agates an his website hungarian-agates