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While the contruction of the new Idar-Oberstein hospital took place at Goettschied in the 1970ies agate-collectors could found very fine agate-nodules. Their size ranges up until 4 inches and their colours were fine pastels in yellowish, reddish and greyish.

Partially discolorizing and secondary colorizing gives them a very interesting pattern. Very rare the “Liesegang Phenomenon” does occur in these nodules.

In the year 2005 new agate findings could be made at the building construction works of the “Pflegeheim” and the “auf Wolfacker” house construction project.

In the area of the “Pflegeheim very porous agates could be found. If they are dry, they show only weak colours - if they are wet, colours and contrast are more intensively.

One nodule with very nice pseudomorphic formations after aragonite was found too.