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Thundereggs of Galeana are traded for the last years under different names ( like Bolo´s, Bolo Thundereggs, Laguna Thundereggs ...) and assumed discovery sites  (Ciudad Chihuahua, Ascension….). Finally they originate from the Claim of Alberto Ray near Galeana. He´s also mining the purple passion agates.

Their outer skin is warty, composed of small globules. The matrix is colored usually reddish-brown. The most demanded colors of the often beautifully banded agate inside the Thundereggs are violet and pink. In the center of the agates are unmistakable, calligraphically appearing signatures of  iron pigments. From the same location also Thundereggs with beautiful plume formations are originated, as well as interesting needle-like inclusions - so called “Sagenite-Agate”. Only one Thunderegg (15) until now was showing interesting inclusions of zoned siderite (iron-carbonate).The pattern inside the thundereggs are various and would proceed to associations - like the flying goose in the stone shown here.