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Fuesselberg Hill is situated east of Freisen. In this area a lot of different agate-types do occcur. They are showing colours like olive-green and yellow. Mossy-agate-structures are forming together with fortification-banding very nice patterns.

Iron-oxides are quiet common at Fuesselberg Hill. A lot of nodules are showing high contents of goethite,hematite or limonite.

Red-white banded vein-agates are connecting this deposit with the more east situated Weiselberg Hill near Oberkirchen - at this place similar agates do occur. A further similarity arises as a result of the occurrence of typically formed jaspers. They are yellow and  agregated fibrously aggregated ( 9, 10).

During the construktion of gas pipelines at the Fuesselberg unique findings of large (- however usually cracked -) agates in characteristic green and pink tones could be made. If these stones resulted only rarely as cabinet-specimen, it was nevertheless possible to produce from them fascinating gem stones. (11, 12 , 13 )