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Begun as hopeful enterprise, in a well-meaning manner carried of the sympathy of all agate-collectors of the area, in the year 2001 a financially quite risky enterprise was begun around the area of the former WW II shelter on Hassel - the Edelsteindorado. On the basis of the only incompletely blown up ruins of the shelter, which was planned as culinary and sanitary base, the area was prospected by trenches and later dug by excavatorn. Against a fee collectors now can collect agates in this “mine”. Here no borders are set to the number of taken stones - the fee orients itself alone at the time used on the area. The finding chances at present are good or bad *.

The agates occurring here are usually quite small (50mm diameter is the usual limit).A half dozen of pieces were already found, which brake this rule (approx. 25cm diameter). Picture-dominating effects by individual, large spherulithics (hemi-agates) are common in nodules of small diameters. In the entire Saar Nahe area “water-level-agates” (which is characterised by parallel layers, which are regulated gravitatively in the lower range of the almonds) are very rare. At this place they are occuring quite frequently. Nodules found in the deeper layers of the quarry are described as “glassily”, i.e. the Chalcedony-layers of the agates are showing a certain transparency. Digged nodules from that more highly originated layers in the quarry are usually porcelain agates. These can be coloured by penetrating solutions then also secondarily, i.e. after the formation of the agate. An otherwise rare mineral, the zeolithe mordenite, occurs in the Edelsteindorado more frequently. Its low-red needles form inclusions in agate.Ruby red needles are shown by inclusions of the mineral goethite

* To give any informations about finding-possibilities is not serious. The fact forbids itself that one goes with all prognoses over finding possibilities, conditions of the quarry etc. into the area of praekognitivism. My description of finding-possibilities for the opening of the "Edelsteindorado" in the Lapis 2002 (6) was already taken up ambivalently. Sending on ahead that at that time almost eulysial conditions prevailed, agate collectors felt been deceptive by the confontration with a mixture of hard work and fortune (against their own understanding of continuous yield by picking up agates easily). Since 2003 I did not use the offer of fee-digging in the Edelsteindorado.

This place of discovery is a topic of the article " the agates of the Freisener Hoehe” of Lapis 6/2002.