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“...Cougar Trap Thunderggs, Ashwood – This digging area was located by Jason Hinkle, and was so named because of an illegal trap in the area. It is very close to Ashwood, along the main road. The eggs from here are elliptical in shape and have thin lenses of agate and opal. In the same general area are the UFO Beds and the Hole in the Wall Beds, which have the same type of eggs occurring. Not too far away is the Flapjack Bed or Ashwood Flat Bed, which have huge elliptical eggs weighing hundreds of pounds. The agate lenses are very thin, and mostly of low quality.... – the picture ... for this location of Jason Hinkle is actually at the Flapjack Bed, which is why the egg is so large ..”

from a personal notice of Mark Ketsdever, Hillsboro, Oregon, 2011