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Klaus Schäfer

gemstone- and jewellery-designer

teacher at the college in Idar-Oberstein

(specification design and gemstone-technologies)

e-mail: klaus.schaefer@achat-almanach.de



The agate-almanach is a compilation of several collections. Many thanks to the following collectors that allowed me to make fotos in their collection or gave me their own fotos for publishing:

Reiner M. Schäfer, Christof Keller, Dietrich Mayer, Holger Schröck, Gernot Geibel-Emden, Jakob Görres, Peter Jeckel, Karl Fritz, Hermann Becker, Hideharu Yamada, Doug Moore, Kurt Heidemann, Karl Theis, Joseph Paul, Robert Mattes, Manfred Boller, Guido and Elisabeth DeBeer, Rainer Hoffmann-Rothe, Heiko Bethke, Marta Vandemandier, Riccardo and Claudia Birnie, Eckehard Müller, Herbert Jäckel, Stefan Meier, Wolfgang Gläser, Dieter Augenthaler, Helmut Schumann, Johann Zenz, Thorsten Jakob, Benno Rahm, Holger Quellmalz, Thomas Kleser, Scott Hardwick, Mark Ketsdever, Thom Lane, Paul Dahl, Ralf Zimmermann, Faysal Birlik, Tom Shearer, David Polson, Jörg Liebe, Thomas Engeli, Gerald Riedo, Markus Siegeris, Malcolm Luxton, Andreas Kittelmann. Maxim Egorov, Eugeni Vulev, John Nedwich, Eugene Romashin, Herman Kas, Alexander Lukinikh, Peter Huber, Gerald Knobloch, Claude Pelisson, Andreas Hein, Oleg Lopatkin, Jerry Schaber, Günther Wüstenfeld.


Your invited to participate ! - Please contact me.


apprenticeship in gemstone-cutting at A. Ruppenthal lapidaries in Idar-Oberstein

studies in gemstone- and jewellery-design at the university of Trier     ( departement Idar-Oberstein)- Graduation: master of arts.

production of fine jewellry and gemstones in my company “design-werkstatt”

Studies in paedagogics from 1999 to 2001

since 1999 responsable for the instruction of gemstone-cutting- and goldsmithing-apprentices in design and technology at the Berufschule Idar-Oberstein.

Since  January 2015 responsible for the theoretical instruction of master candidates in gem processing craft.


- assistance at the special-edition about the Binna Valley in Switzerland july / august 1995 ( pictures and drawings) from Lapis publishing house.

- author of “quartz-twins from Idar-Oberstein” Lapis october 1999

- cooperation at the description of the first mineralogical holotype from the saarland: Krettnichite.

see Eur.J.Mineral. 2001,13,145 - 158 : ”Description, crystal structure, and paragenesis of krettnichite, ..., the Mn³+ analogue of mounanaite.”

- co-author of the article: ”The manganese-deposits of Krettnich,Saarland” Lapis november 2001

- author of “ new agate-findings at Freisen” Lapis June 2002

- author of : “windows, knifes and cathedrals - unusual Quartz-Crystals from the Binna Valley in Switzerland”  in the Extra-Lapis Number 28 Binntal 2005

- author of “ Flying agates ... - about the recent history of the agate-finding-locations in the region of Freisen “ in the catalouge of the special-exibition “agate-dreams “ of the “Munich Mineral Days” 2005.

- author of “ New agate-findings at Waeschertskaulen, Idar-Oberstein   Lapis 4/2006

- author of “ The spectacular agate-findings of the region of Baumholder and Idar- Oberstein in 2006 “ Lapis 1/2007

- co-author of “ Spirals in agate - a biological or mineralogical phenomenon ? “ in Lapis 1/2008

- author of the essay “children of one mother - agate collecting in  Eckersweiler near Kusel “ in Lapis 11/ 2009

- Articles in the catalogue of the 10th. International agate-show in Niederwörresbach 2010:

a) Yasph - the great variety

b) Cutting of Jasper

c) Jasper in gemstonetrade

d) Pattern of Jasper

e) Iron-minerals in Jasper

f ) A new phenotype: Eisenjaspis

g) Fossis in Jasper

h) Jasper from Arenrath

- Article in the catalogue of the 11th. International agate-show in Niederwörresbach 2011: “My rock ! My cut ! Advices for cutting agates.”

- author of “Anatas from the Binntal “ Lapis 7,8 / 2011

- author of “Eisenkiesel aus Minglanilla“  Lapis 11 / 2011

- author of “Fire and water: the occurences of a new type of precious opal in  Ethiopia” Lapis 2 / 2012

- author of “Blue cloud-agates from Weierbach near Idar-Oberstein”  Lapis 6 / 2012

- author of “Achate von der Teufelskanzel bei Oberthal im Saarland” Lapis 5 / 2013

- author of Artikels “Achate von Oberthal im Saarland II” (Roetelpfad) in Lapis 11 / 2013

- author of  “Ein geglückter Schnitt: gefensterter Hochquarz aus dem Saarland “Lapis 2 / 2015

- author of “Fensterquarze aus dem Fäldbachtal, Binntal “ in Lapis 3 / 2015

Here you can find some articles about my studies and my work in gemstone-design as pdf-files (some in english):

Präsentation 6.Semester GZ 1993 04

Diplomarbeit: Achatkelch

Atelier-Artikel lapidary journal 1998 02

Mineralien-Wettbewerb der Münchener Mineralientage 1998

Escher-Schliff   Temple-Cut

Produkte der Designwerkstatt

Intergem 14