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The most intensively coloured agates of Morocco come from an abandoned mining district. At the edge of a smaller mountain chain, which encloses a high plateau, eroded agates and agates in-situ can be found. For Aouli conical agate nodules are typical and they lack the outer red band of chalcedony.

The interior of the nodules often reveal beautiful fortification agates. Eye-agates are common.  Grey and white banding is the rule, while intensive red, orange and yellow color is very rare. The agates range up 25 cm (10 inches) in diameter.  In addition to nodules, intensively coloured agates occur in iron ore veins. Also, Jaspers with rare patterns are among the new discoveries in the district.

An experienced moroccan tourguide for rockhunting is Mr. Khalid Khallou aus Aouli. More informations are given on his website.