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This website is beeing supported by agate collectors from all over the world, which put photos, articles and even rocks at the disposal, which are published here on the website. Without this assistance a compilation and a highly detailed publication e.g. from a finding-location distanced far away is not at all possible to do. I want to express my gratitude also to all the collectors that allowed me to photograph their collection to publish their specimen here on this website.

But also collectors, which can contribute technically nothing to the side, want to support this website financially, because they are so enthusiastic about its detailed content. This support helps me much to secure the quality of the website and to develop necessary resources to continue my work on the website.

I would like to give now in the „adopt an agate-program “ the possibility to all friends, supporters and sponsors of this site a possibility of making their financial support public.

Each donor gets immediately the possibility of selecting themselves any agate * on the website and of marking its sympathy and support of the side with a small banner. There is also the possibility of linking this banner with the own - also commercial - homepage. The adoption ** is valid for one year. Please contact me with your donation and your „adoption desire “.


 *the selected agate may not possess however a collection reference (ex.coll....).

** The purpose of the adoption is only a sympathy declaration to the website. Possession rights on the „adopted “agate are not developing thereby.


register of agate-godfathers (and their protégés ):

Khalid Khallou

Andreas Wawra

Rainer Hoffmann Rothe

D. Polson

R. Lüssi

P. Asadullah

R. Royko

G. Coudrakalis

Impexco, Idar-Oberstein